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The secrets about dogs may also be known to you

Dogs are very smart and are always trusted loyal friends. Here are the little secrets about dogs that you may not know.

Dogs can understand up to 250 human words and gestures, they can also perform simple calculations. By comparison, the average dog is as smart as a two-year-old.

Humans have purified the wild dog as a domestic pet from 12,000 years ago. This is also the first animal that humans can purify.

New born dogs do not have teeth. But it took only 1 month for them to have the same function as humans with 28 units. The number of teeth will continue to increase until it hits the 42 mark.

Dog eyes have 3 eyelids, when necessary, they will close the dust barrier but still do not affect the ability to see.

The ability of dogs to see at night is better than that of humans because their number of rod cells is higher than that of humans.

The dog’s ability to hear is twice the human. They can hear 35,000 vibrations in a second.

The ability to recognize the smell of dogs is about 1 million times faster than human ability because the number of olfactory cells in their cerebral hemisphere is 40 times greater than that of humans.

Dogs do not like to be hugged as much as humans and other primates.

Dog tears have very strong oxidation and antiseptic abilities.

Wild dogs often find ways to get into subway systems to move to more densely populated areas and find food there.

Chocolate has a strong impact on the nervous and cardiovascular systems of dogs. According to the researchers, 100 grams of chocolate is enough to kill a small dog.

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