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The Red whiskered Bulbul Facts

The word bulbul is a word of Arabic origin which means nightingale. However in English it just means belonging to the the passerine  family of birds.

There are about 130 species of bulbulls.

The red whiskered bulbul has a sharp, loud cry which is descried as sounding like ‘pettigrew’ or ‘how are you’. This bird is more often heard than seen.

The feathers on the back and wings are grayish to grayish brown while the underparts are white.  The distinct red patch below the eyes gives this bird its name.

These bird are small and  have a pointed black crest. They gave small wings and long tails.

Bulbuls live in lightly wooded regions and are not very friendly with humans.

Their diet consists of berries, small insects, flower buds etc.

They have a life span of 11 years.

Bulbuls pair for life and the female lays a clutch of 3-5 eggs which takes up to 15 days to hatch. The female incubates the eggs and the male feeds her during this time.

The red wiskered bulbul and the red vented bulbul have been captured for pet trade.

These birds are common to South Asia and Africa.

I often hear them in the mornings while it is still dark, but it is hard to see them. They are almost always found at the top of trees far from human vision.

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