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The problem of owning a home

For an ordinary employee or worker, owning a home is always a dream that is not easy but not impossible either. In spite of the frugality and the savings that a family undergoes, the quest for an own home remains elusive at times especially when the rent is high that the budget couldn’t afford any savings anymore.

The solution of some entrepreneurs is the row house. A small house that you can call your own. With 2 tiny bedrooms, beggars cannot be choosers, so those with just enough savings would opt for the row house. In the future, when the budget gets better then they can move to a bigger house and probably sell their row house unit. Nevertheless, the row house is a big help to those who are starting a family.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. After I lost my husband suddenly I was so lucky back in Latvia to be able to sell my house as-is. It was a rambling two-story house that needed a lot of work on it and I of course, all alone could do nothing with it. Now I am happy to be in a two-room apartment and that is enough for me

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