The phenomal shortage of toilet paper

With the current lockdowns all over the world that we are experiencing, it is a given that panic buying and hoarding will be the order of the day. But it is not only food items that are having a shortage but rubbing alcohol as well aside from the face masks. Those 2 items are directly related to the corona virus. Rubbing alcohol kills the virus so it is one of the best hand wash to use. The face mask is a protection against the entry of the virus from the droplets. But how about toilet paper?

I have surveyed people about the shortage of toilet paper. Everyone I asked admitted that there is indeed an evident shortage because the racks in the supermarkets are empty. But unfortunately, no one could give a sane answer why people are hoarding toilet paper.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. People are hoarding toilet paper because there were rumors that China was not going to be shipping out toilet paper throughout the pandemic. That was not true, but people still went out and bought toilet paper off of that rumor. People were also scared that they were going to be locked down like what China did. Then, they freaked out and bought toilet paper.

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