The issue of the homeless

It was a surprise when I saw a homeless man in Kyoto, Japan. For me, it was unthinkable to see a homeless person in that country because the image in my mind is one that is progressive and has taken care of all its citizens. But lo and behold, there was the homeless man sleeping under the bridge. And in our other travels, the homeless are always there.

Being homeless is like a living soul without a spirit. I cannot imagine someone to be sleeping anywhere. What about the hygiene? What about the comfort and convenience? Is it really the responsibility of the government to give the citizens a home for a shelter? My take on the issue is simple. If you are a responsible citizen then you will strive to live in a home whether you own it or not. That simple.

  • Is there a homeless family in your country?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by Alex Socorro


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