The hospitals cannot accommodate the covid patients

It seems like we are having a waiting list in the hospital for admission of covid patients. All the hospitals are full in their bed capacity that they decline admission to new covid patients. In Wuhan, China they instantly constructed temporary hospitals. But here they are just waiting for the patients to die so there will be vacant beds.

If the situation is not corrected then the people should remember what the government is doing for the citizens against the corona virus. When you get sick it is up to you to heal yourself. What a nice government we have now.

  • Are you scared of covid?

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    • I am hoping to avoid infectcion


What do you think?

Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. I am not sure scared is the word. I am cautious and I pay attention to trying to keep myself well. I don’t think people who downplay it are being very realistic. The body count can’t simply be ignored. (Well, I guess anyone can put their head in the sand or try to convince everyone is not real.) The reality is a lot of people have been affected. Many families have lost loved ones and that shouldn’t be downplayed or ignored. It should be honored with compassion.

  2. I am not afraid of this new thing and I think all of that is a huge hoax. Flue is deadlier by far and all what I see in the hospitals are old people or chronically ill that are in fact dying of other reasons.,

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