The Himalayas

What about the Himalayas – you might ask as everyone knows they exist. But you will talk about it too if you missed a golden opportunity to view them  from close quarters. 

I was in Nepal where there was a conference I had to organise. My husbad came along.  There were delegates from all over the world.  Apart from the usual entertainment that usually forms part of any such event there were plans to get into a plane for viewing the Himalayas at close quarters.  Both of us were ready and paid for the flight but as luck would have it,  clouds came in the way and so the flight was cancelled. 

I lost an opportunity of a life time. I will never stop talking about it ever

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Written by grace


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  1. Here I may mention something…sometimes life’s disappointments are for a reason, although I am sorry you missed this opportunity

    I met a man who missed his plane to go to Wellington from Auckland by 5 minutes..It was a small business flight with seats for 6 for a conference.

    The plane crashed and all on board died in the crash, no survivors..I don’t know why the plane crashed


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