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The cute coconut tree

I chanced upon this small coconut tree in one mountain resort. It is amazing to see such a small coconut tree with fruits that  are even lower than my head. From the seedling, it takes 4 years before the coconut comes out. In that 4 years time, the coconut tree would be more than 10 feet high on the average. But this variety of coconut in the picture is really cute that I can pick the coconut by hand without climbing.

The coconut tree grows continuously from the seedling so after 10 years or so, the tree is so high that it would be too difficult to climb. Coconut farmers just let the tree grow and they use a long pole with a knife at the end to pick the fruits and let them fall on the ground. When the tree becomes very tall, it will self-destruct sooner or later.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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