The advantage of the potted plant

I have been gardening since I was in grade school. Our ancestral home has a big yard where I was having my garden. I never had the experience of having a potted plant although my mother had some potted plants that are ornamental. When we moved to an apartment that was the time I considered the potted plant.

One of the advantages is the ease of caring since you can easily water the plant in the pot. Another is the location that you can move it anywhere. When there is too much sun you can place it in the shade. Now I have potted plants aside from the fruit trees.

  • Do you buy plants in the nursery?

    • Yes


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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. I have two potted plants on my front porch. One is an aloe that is growing a lot and the other is a vine that tumbles its feelers down from my porch. I place them there because anytime I tried to keep potted plants indoors they would wilt and die.

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