That Movie Sucked! But There are Sequels. (O.o)

QUESTION:  Why is that the movies you can without a doubt live the rest of your life without ever watching, have sequels??

Makes me wonder. How bad does a movie have to be before people realize it sucks?? What is that about? Do they have to go like … “Eh! Just checking to see if it could have gotten worse! Yep! It was awful the first time. But it’s horrible now!!”

Can I name a few movies like this?

How about I name one?  The Expendables.

That so-called action movie with Sly Stallone and as many other old farts as can be gathered on one set!!  Arnie Schwarznegger, Harrison Ford, and a host of others trying to recapture that “magic” back when they were in their heydey!

There’s a 2 and a 3 for this movie? Are you kidding me??

The BAILSOFHEMP.COM blog summed up these movies in one of their posts: “The Expendables 3: The Longest-Running Inside Joke“. The title of the blog post says it all.  LOL.

In my defense, my excuse for watching is totally legit.  Two words.  Chuck Norris.  He’s my hero!

Wouldn’t matter if he were 105 years old.  If I get taken as a hostage … Send Chuck!  If he’s busy, I’ll wait.  LOL.

  • Can you name one or more films you would put on the same list with “The Expendables”?

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