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Tenkara Fly Fishing – The Good, Bad and Downright Ugly Part, According To Bishop

What do you know about Tenkara? Why should we care about it anyhow? There is a lot of noise around this perpetually trending post, written by someone who last did anything on his or her page, 3 years ago! Practically speaking, this person could even be dead, for all we know! Is there no cut-off point here at Virily? 

So, directly in line with, click-bait/li/link-juice, etc. (lol), this then is the “Truth about the Tenkara system” of fly-fishing. Some of this noise would have you believe it is the brave new world of fly-fishing. 

It is not! 

Ole, Huck-Finn had much, the same rig setup way back yonder.

 Like I said, not by a long way. Tenkara is fishing simplicity itself. A long, up to 15 feet or so, very light telescopic rod, with the line attached directly to the rod tip. Flick out a fly, control the drift with rod and wait for a fish to jump on said fly. 

Using a 13′ 6″ rod, and a 13′ line and leader I have had great sport catching little trout, anything up to around 8 to 10 inches, maximum. It is just so easy – hook up, lift the rod tip, let the fish splash about till it’s exhausted, then swing the line back in, unhook the fish, and let it swim away, with a ‘what the hell was that about’ look on its face. Then rinse & repeat the process all over again. But NEVER go beyond this simplicity, you need to remember that this simplicity is exactly what the Tenkara system was designed for. No more, or less. Once you lengthen the line much above the rod length, once the size of fish goes up even slightly, simplicity motors fully-floored out the door.


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