Taking undue advantage of earning virils by commenting on one's own post

I notice there is exploitation here. I saw a post where there was just one comment by a user but the rest were by the author.  Is it fair?  Is it right?   And that is why Virily takes away privileges because unscrupulous users misuse the privileges. 

I get the feeling  the privilege of earning through comments on one’s own post  will disappear and rightly so.  This is robbery of the worst kind. 

Whoever is concerned please stop doing this.   Thank you. 

  • Have you seen anyone misusing this privilege?

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What do you think?

Written by grace


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  1. In the case where I noticed there is no loophole They are independent comments, one after another 12 in all. I feel the Site will see this and stop paying for self written comments. This way honest users will lose

    When they started allowing editing of posts even after they were published. So many users started digging out their old posts and edited them. These posts already had comments and now they appeared under the most commented and got into trending. Admin saw the game and withdrew the edit option for posts that were published but sadly they also stopped the draft option which is disastrous for users.

  2. I have noticed this with my own posts, accidentally.

    I replied to someone’s comment, but I was not happy with my reply.

    It could not be edited/amended here, (another thing that I would like to be changed), but what I did was to reply to my reply, so as to fix up my last reply, so to speak.

    I noticed that I was credited with virils for this reply by myself, made sort of to myself, but as an add-on comment to my first reply.

    It must be a loophole in their system.

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