Stretching is one of the yoga poses

The way our Lolly is doing that is exactly what we are expected to do. He has combined both stretching and ‘shavasana’  Shavasana is just lying as though one is dead – fully relaxed and suggesting in one’s mind that all parts of the body are relaxing one by one  

My favourite yoga pose is ‘shavasana’  It relaxes me specially if I am stressed or have done a lot of physical work. 

Yoga is a therapy everyone should imbibe.  

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Written by grace


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  1. Lolly looks so comfortable, relaxed and stretched out. Typical cat pose but harder for me as my back has gotten crooked over the years and I cannot lie straight flat on it on whatever bed I have tried out. Wish I was a cat right now…. Guess I really try out yoga or thai chi or ….


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