Stanley Cup 2020 Qualifiers Game 5

Out of the eight National Hockey League (NHL) Stanley Cup Qualifiers playoff series, only one best out of five series has gone to a Game 5.  That Game 5 will be played tonight between the #8 seed Toronto Maple Leafs against the #9 seed Columbus Blue Jackets in the Eastern Conference bubble in Toronto.

The series has become very interesting because of the last two games that they played against each other.  In Game 3, Toronto was up 3-0, but lost 4-3 in overtime to the Blue Jackets.  In Game 4, the roles were reversed with Columbus up 3-0, but they lost 4-3 in overtime to the Maple Leafs.

In this series, it looks like both teams do not want to win.  Tune in at 6 PM EST on NBC Sports to see which team will choke.

  • Toronto or Columbus?

    • Maple Leafs
    • Blue Jackets


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