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Some Inspiration – Mistakes

‘Mistakes are a sign you’re trying’

I just read this somewhere and it made me smile. I had to share this with you. Perhaps like me you have made some mistakes , but thinking on these lines can make you feel better.

I have some mistakes to my credit one of these was not focusing on work for a few weeks which lost me a client . True it was a mistake that cost me some money  but What I did while I took my eyes of work has made me happier than all the money it would have brought. I have shifted my focus to family and the real life. I have no regrets about it.

The time that I took off I hope will help me focus on what I have to do better than before. I rarely have any regrets , yeah there are a couple of things I regret but that doesn’t hold me back. It is important that we bounce back stronger and better than before. That is all life expects of us.

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  1. Nice post … you were right, dear Dawn … it is important that you are happy and satisfied …. money has not always brought happiness …. money doesn’t really matter to me …. it is important that I have it so much that I can I live beautifully

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