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Skills VS Abilities

Ability means being able to do something, but when you do it in a proper way, it is a skill. Skill and ability have a least difference. In fact, abilities are a gift of God or inbuilt; while, skills are learned behavior.  We gain perfection in our skills with the help of our abilities and our knowledge.

Abilities can be developed to some extent. For instance, running fast is a skill, but the ability to run fast comes through strong muscles, which can be improved through regular exercise. It is difficult to train any person having fewer abilities. We can say a good employer have the ability to identify an employee’s abilities and can give him the chance to refined these abilities. We work to hone our abilities for enhancing our career. Some abilities can be improved through repetition. Practice makes a man perfect, is a famous proverb. Skill can be easily influenced by any employer, but we can’t develop skills through abilities.

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    Do you think skill and ability are two different things?

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    Is ability a God gifted thing?

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Written by Zahid Rafique


  1. It is important to know the differences between skills and abilities. Honing an ability into a defined and proven skill is the difference between immaturity and maturity.