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Siblings bonding time

In this dynamic times, siblings need a bonding session from time to time. The technology seems to be stealing the moments that we used to share with siblings and other people that we have to admit the need for reconnecting. Times have been changing so fast that people are evolving to a different race that is making us individualists.

An overnight trip with the siblings is a good one. But the rule is the absence of technology. That means there is only a time for using the phone. It is like a game or a challenge that each one should endure. How many can last long for an hour without the phone? What about 2 hours, 3 hours, or even 1 day, anyone? The siblings bonding is applicable to everyone. Go on a trip and store the phones altogether in one place so you can have the whole day all for yourselves. That would be great.

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Written by Alex Socorro


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