Scam Poll

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This poll is designed to expose a number of scams that occur via email, telephone and websites on the internet.

It is intended to be a fun poll. But hopefully, it helps one person avoid one of these scams!

  • The internal revenue service leaves you a voicemail.

    • The US IRS doesn’t use voicemail unless they are already working with you. They also don’t call and threaten you!
    • Like taken candy from babies!
    • The IRS communicates tax issues via registered US Mail. Many other countries do the same thing.
  • The windows helpdesk, microsoft partner team call and says your computer has errors.

    • The average computer has 12 error messges per day. There are 1 billion or more computers in the world. They sort through 12 billion messages and find the ones that are from your specific computer?
    • Why would the nice person lie to me. They just want access to my computer.
  • New one – voicemail (they hang up the phone if you answer live) we have had a number of complaints about you…

    • Again, law enforcement around the world seldom calls your home line, and they never leave theatening messages.
    • NoMoreRobo removes unwanted calls from your cell phone and landline!

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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