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Saturday Critters – relationship between people and nature

The beauty of the world around us has been praised by poets, artists, and writers at all times. Hundreds of thousands of poems and songs are dedicated to nature. It is difficult to find prose where there would be no description of the landscape. In painting, the images of nature and animals are distinguished into separate genres, and many artists have chosen these directions for themselves.

Emotionally, a person admires nature, and in practice – treats it consumerly, if not barbaric. The human impact on the environment is global. The anthropogenic factor becomes leading, and without taking it into account, it is impossible to understand and evaluate what else will happen to our common home.

Man and nature are inextricably linked. The human race, despite all its achievements, continues to depend entirely on nature. And only a careful attitude to the world around us, to its gifts, will allow us to make the relationship between people and nature harmonious.

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