Rice Ladoos – A Christmas speciality

Certain sweets are only made during Christmas time and rice ladoos is one of them.  They are not exotic and yet for whatever reason they are only prepared during Christmas time. 

Rice ladoos are easy to make.  They are made from boiled rice or red rice as it is called.  The rice is washed, dried in the sun and then milled.It is then roasted and this aroma  puts one in a Christmas mood. 

 Coconut and jaggery is pounded together and the rice flour is slowly added and then pounded together.  Cardamom powder and raisins are  added  and thoroughly mixed.   The stuff is then formed into ladoos. 

Rice ladoos are great to taste but they cannot be kept for long as the fresh  coconut in it could spoil the taste if kept for long periods. .  

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