Remembering Preiti

We lost Preiti a year ago leaving behind indelible, beautiful memories. She gave us company for  twelve years. 

Preiti was never trained but after the initial puppy tantrums she turned out to be a perfect lady.  She never begged for food but sat at the foot of the table until we finished eating.  She followed us everywhere.  

Preiti was fond of her Vet.  She wagged her tail the moment he walked in. Once there was a bone stuck in her palette.  She did not let me do anything but the Vet put his hand inside her mouth and she let him do it. 

Preiti did not suffer but died peacefully after losing a lot of weight as she had stopped eating but was alert till the very end. 

We have had many pets before but Preiti was special. 

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Written by grace


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  1. She was a wonderful and adorable doggy and I am glad you have the memories. My first cat a girl named Cha Cha had respiratory problems and died in my arms after 12 years. So when my boy Sid who I brought all the way from Latvia to Florida just went off to meet his maker after 13 years I was happy about it because I did not have to see him die.


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