Remember Redgage?

Redgage is the first revenue sharing site that I have joined. I was skeptical at first.  I did not become really active in the first three months. However, I saw the first post ( started earning.

Then I started ‘socializing’ with the other members of the site. That’s where I first encounter @caroldm, and if I’m not mistaken MommyofElli2013 was known as poeticenigma in that site. (Correct me if I’m wrong please). Probably there are some other members here who once joined the site.

My Internet connection was quite slow back then. So I could not upload as often as I could.Nevertheless, over a span of three years or so, I accumulated more than $1,000. Redgage has a unique payment system through their Redgage card or virtual card. I preferred their card.

However, after their site ‘upgrade’ a few years ago, the site became so sluggish and had tons of problems. Many of the old members became inactive.

Nevertheless, the site never closed. I did upload maybe a couple of photos to see if I could still earn from the site.

The other week, I was looking for other revenue-sharing sites for photos. In one of the articles that I came across mentioned Redgage. So I thought I’d give the site another visit.

I noticed that my earnings did increase a few centavos.

Maybe I will give the site another try.


The photo is  a screenshot of one of my posts (War Machines 2). I think it is the one that earned the most. With more than 12K views, it earned $9.95.

I know that many members have earned a lot from Redgage. I remember one member earned about 18K in about three years.

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