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Purposeful Posts Number One

Sometimes plan Z is the best plan of all. I have struggled with writing things that people need or want to read here and I finally came to the conclusion that reading is not a goal or even a rewarded activity on this site. Viewing is the reward. However, spring semester is coming and for my students, reading is rewarded and necessary for completing their work and preparing for examinations. Why not use all that information to serve two purposes. It seems like a good idea. It will literally cut my work in half or double my use of time, whichever way you want to look at it. I believe it’s a splendid idea.

Roping terminology

Breaking the Barrier

The purpose of having the barrier in any rodeo event is to give the calf or steer a bit of a head start. There is an electric or a rope with pulley and flag to determine if the contestant has broken the barrier. If the barrier is broken 10 second is added to the time.


This is a team roping term. When a steer hangs on the rope and trots with their hind legs instead of running.

Scoreline Lengths 

The determined length of a head start the steer is given before the roper is allowed to chase.


A small bit of the rope barrier that pulls away when the barrier is broken.

Piggin’ String

A small, soft rope that is used by ropers to tie a calf’s feet together.

Catch As Catch Can

When a roper is allowed to catch stock however they want as long as they let go of the rope when throwing the loop and it holds the calf until the roper reaches it.

~Let’s call this a commercial break. There is someone reading this who is saying Miss Trenna, why don’t you just do this in alphabetical order. Because people who memorize in alphabetical order often have to go through the entire list that because they studied it that way. ~

Dog Fall

An illegal steer wrestling maneuver which causes all four feet to face a different direction than the head. To receive time the contestant must roll the steer over or throw it again. (Some contestants know their time will not bring any money, but work on it till it’s done right anyway.)


When a dang steer just drags their hind legs.


Also known as a half-hitch, this is the knot used tie three of the calf’s feet together after they have been thrown.

Now there are some that are assigned to read this. They are now a little upset. They are studying sports medicine. Why on earth must they learn all this terminology? Because you have to be able  to communicate with and understand the injured people you are trying to help.

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