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A little snap is all I heard,

I felt something break within,

It was a strangled sound,

A cry from deep within,

A voice muffled,

By excruciating pain,

Like a scream,

That never made its way out,

The pain of all the effort,

Gone down the drain,

Unjust judgment,

Unfair words,

Dripping with,

Bias and shame,

Spewing venom,

And hatefulness,

Through clenched teeth,

Comes only discrimination,

Birthed in prejudice!

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    Have you ever been the victim of prejudice?

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    Have you felt the pain of unfairness?

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Written by Dawn

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  1. I experienced both in my offline career. That is why I am grateful when I discovered a new career online. I have been in a few sites where my efforts are appreciated. These achievements are helping me to just accept life as it is. And to have confidence in myself despite some unfair treatments (as I call it) because I know that I am a competitive individual equipped with knowledge and skills. I just need a fair playing field.

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