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Poll: Footwear

Although shoes are normally functional, many people use them as a fashion statement. Still, shoes are often necessary. In the summer, many people might go barefoot of choice in places that are warm enough, but in the snow, on rocky ground, when mountain climbing or hiking, and so forth, the proper footwear can substantially change the experience from negative to positive.

Footwear has also changed significantly over time. At the time of Jesus, most people wore either no shoes or sandals. Today, there is a dizzying assortment of shoe styles; running shoes, deck shoes, sneakers, casual shoes, hiking boots, high-top boots, corks, platforms, high-heels, dress shoes, slippers, flip-flops, sandals, and the list goes on.

Many people have a lot pairs of shoes. Other people may only have one or two pairs. Some people buy name brands and don’t think anything of spending a lot of money for the brand name. Other people are thrifty and purchase shoes that are the least expensive. Still others balance expense and craftsmanship so as to purchase shoes that last as long as possible, for the least amount of money possible.

This poll is about shoes and footwear.

  • How many pairs of shoes do you normally have at any given time (including slippers and boots)?

    • 1
    • 2-4
    • 5 or more
    • I have over 10 pairs of shoes
  • When do you buy new shoes?

    • When I see a pair that I like
    • When the old pair is wearing out
    • When the shoes go on sale
    • I usually have extra pairs so I don’t need to buy new ones often
  • Some brands are quite expensive in comparison to other brands of the same style of shoes. For instance, Nike and Converse tend to be much more expensive for sports shoes than many other brands. Do you buy name brand shoes?

    • Yes, I have favorite brands
    • I have in the past, but currently don’t
    • I really don’t care what the brand is
    • I refuse to pay extra for the brand name
  • Do you tend to wear the same pair of shoes day after day?

    • Yes
    • No
  • How often do you buy a new pair of shoes, on average?

    • Once a month or more often
    • Once or twice every three months or so
    • Once or twice a year
    • Less often than once per year

What do you think?

9 points

Written by Rex Trulove

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