Outrageous Footwear!

I am not a wearer of high-heeled shoes. Are you? When I was in my teens, I wore my fair share of those terrible, pointy-toed shoes that were popular in the 80s. But I had wide feet, so the shoes pinched terribly. I always had painful blisters on my toes. And eventually, I just gave up on wearing high heels because I was working in a hospital and needed to wear safe shoes for work every day.

Even in the days when I did wear heels, I kept it reasonable. I never wore anything more than 2″ high. So the shoes in this video are beyond extreme for me. I just cringe when I see these women walking!

Would you wear shoes like this? Do you find it attractive? Let me know what you think in the comments.


What do you think?


Written by Blue Sailor

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