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Playing bingo for fun

Bingo is an old game that is primarily for entertainment or pastime. The so called Bingo Social is a commercial bingo where you buy cards for playing and there’s a prize you get when you win. Usually the prize is money but sometimes in kind like the jackpot in one mall that was a car. So many are still playing commercial bingo and lately there is the online bingo for a more convenient playing since you can play at home.

For family gatherings, we always play bingo but of a different kind. There are prize money that are donated by the relatives particularly those who can afford. The cards are for free but limited so that everyone would have a fair chance of winning. How would you like to play bingo where you can win a prize without spending anything? Our family bingo games last from 3 to 4 hours. You can imagine the fun of everyone.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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