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Phu Dung flower

The beauty of the heavenly fairies is beautiful and charismatic beauty. Italy refers to flowers like a girl with many moods, splendid outside but melancholy inside. In ancient times, sandboxes who were not exposed to the outside world, were not free to do what they liked, were like a Furong flower.

Phu Dung’s life is short-lived, early and dark, like a time clock that goes by without waiting for anyone. That is life, impermanence is like that, obviously. The beauty, though magnificent, can sometimes fade away.

Phu Dung Flower has the meaning of a sad, horizontal love story. The petals change color from morning to afternoon and the next day is just a branch of the fiber. Love is the same, there will be times of change and happiness when cold, and eventually will be broken according to natural rules. So stop looking, thinking and hoping, the more you look, the less likely it will be.

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