Our faithful cooking range

This cooking range is several years old.  At one time we decided to discard and go in for a new one. We visited the shop and had a look at the various models that were available.  None matched the one we had.  All looked weak and smaller in size. 

We did a makeover to our existing cooking range and decided to keep it as long as it serves us.  It is doing a good job. Finally it is true that old is gold. We did a mistake by  replacing our fridge and later realised the new fridge did not match our old fridge. 

It is a mystery why upgrades are not upgrades after all!!

  • Do you keep replacing your old and ‘faithfulls’ ?

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  1. I think the problem is that modern appliances are deliberately made so that they will fail after a certain period of time, not much longer than their guarantee. In the past, appliances were made to last, but at some point manufacturers realised that they would make more money from consumers if they had to keep replacing their appliances every few years. This applies to all sorts of things, including cars.


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