Oil for the scalp to deter hair loss

It is a very simple remedy for hair loss. Apply oil on your scalp in the morning and let it rest until evening. Obviously you should not use gel or pomade and let the oil be there by its lonesome. Before bedtime it is only proper to wash the hair for cleansing.

When I was 30 some say that my hair is thinning. I observed the hair on my comb every morning and that got me scared. Since then I have been applying oil on my scalp and my crop of hair still looks normal. Thanks to the baby oil.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I am lucky I still have enough hair at 70. The only thing I worry about is my hair turning white and then I have to color it to my natural color to keep young. That is how I feel. I have never put oil on my hair so it will last.

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