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No more buffet for now

Come to think of it, the buffet restaurant is the primary source of wasted food. It cannot be denied that the leftover food can fill several truckloads. It is no joke so why do people have leftover on their plates when there is already a poster that says “no leftover” with reference to the food on the plate. According to my experience, people get so much food simply because they see a lot. Take for example the soup, since you can get as much as you want so people would fill the cup even if the soup they need is just half. That’s the same with the dishes that they get 3 pieces of meat even if they can only eat 2 pieces.

Due to the ongoing diet of some members in our family, we are on a moratorium in going to buffet restaurants. It is only fair for our stomach to sometimes indulge in good food so I have no qualms when they suspend the fun for now. At least we cannot contribute to the wastage of food.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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