All smokers in the world have the same misconceptions about cigarettes. Everyone thinks that they like to smoke, that they will not enjoy life without a cigarette.

Smokers are so sure that the cigarettes calm them to persuade and do not smoke. The problem is that the cigarette smoothes. It comes from being very nervous when we’re out of cigarettes, and then we partially calm down when we burn them. But the primary cause of our nervousness remains. It essentially calms deep breathing and breathing air. If we were to breathe deeply in every stress, we would have been relieved of it without a cigarette.

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    Are you a smoker?

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    Have you ever smoked?

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    Are you an opponent of smoking?

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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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  1. In my 39 years of life, I’ve seen so many deaths as a result of tobacco smoking, that’s terrible. It is enough for me to conclude that it is one of the greatest deprivation of mankind of all time.

    Kaimija, (umro 1680. u Zvorniku) na osnovu vlastitog iskustva, o duhanu je rekao:

    Naredio je Gospodar,
    Ostante se tutuna,
    Ko želi Božiji dar,
    Nek se kani tutuna

    Nemojte se po zlu vrijet,
    Čujte, što ću vama rijet:
    Ko god hoće čisto mrijet,
    Nek se kani tutuna.

    Zločesta je rabota,
    Pušit ga je sramota,
    Jer je vrlo grehota.
    Ostante se tutuna.

    Okante se smrada
    Nek je čista brada
    Ne orite grada
    Ostante se tutuna

    Nuti muke tvrde,
    Sve haljine smrde,
    Svakomu se grde.
    Ostante se tutuna.

    Ko ga puši zlopati
    Nemoj te se trovati
    Lulu kamiš kopati
    Ostante se tutuna

  2. I’m a smoker. But I always respect those who do not smoke. For example, I do not smoke in children. I do not smoke in the house of non-smokers. And when I go for a walk I do not take cigarettes. And when I go out to take pictures I hardly smoke.


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