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Nice food garnishing

I grew up in a simple home with simple dining. What my mother cooked, we eat on a plate and that’s it. For me, it was surprising to have my first meal in a classy restaurant where the cutlery got me confused – 2 sets of fork and spoon, 2 knives too. And when the plate of food was delivered, it was a big plate with the entrée in the middle and the garnishing all around it. The chef called it presentation which contributes 50% of the success of the food.

Now I have learned to eat food with garnishing. For steak at home, we always have the fries or mashed potato, the buttered broccoli or asparagus and some other garnishings. Sometimes we also have the vegetable salad to spice up the food. Even with the mere fried fish, our garnish is the sliced tomatoes with shrimp paste which would make the fish taste better. The garnishing is an important element on the plate.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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