Nia Jax’s rein as WWE Raw Women’s Champion

I was wondering where would World Wrestling Entertainment go with the whole angle between Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss, after Nia dethroned Alexa for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. The whole-body shaming angle seemed like the most perfect build-up to give Nia the push prior to WrestleMania 34, but how would they push Nia’s reign after winning the WWE Raw Women’s Championship from Alexa? Well, you could have her dominate the Raw Women’s roster, which would be the most realistic scenario or you could have her drop the championship to Ronda Rousey at WWE Money in the Bank paper view, which would be my guess.

Being a longtime WWE fan since the World Wrestling Federation days it’s obvious to me what the criteria is to be champion and Ronda most definitely fits that mold because she is an attraction from a sport much more realistic than WWE, and a household name due to her accomplishments. If I were a betting man there is no doubt that I would pick Ronda to win the championship at WWE Money in the Bank. If Ronda were to lose clean, her value for the business wouldn’t be the same compared to if Nia were to lose. But now if you throw in a catastrophic ending with Nia defeating Ronda then it doesn’t do much harm to Ronda’s value for the business.

  • Who do you believe will be WWE Raw Women’s Champion after Money in the Bank?

    • Nia Jax
    • Ronda Rousey

What do you think?

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