Revisiting my childhood dream

Just recently a wrestling promotion put on a show in my neighborhood, which just happened to be a promotion that visited my hometown (Danville Illinois) over two decades ago when I was in high school. That promotion is known as Windy City Pro Wrestling.

What surprised me was coming out to my car to leave for work, and seeing a tiny brochure left on my windshield. While waiting for my car to warm up, I read the brochure and realized that the event was the next day at the Broadway Armory in Edgewater neighborhood. Luckily, I had the day off the next day because I just had to go! I had a blast, even though I had previously worked a fifteen-hour shift. The best thing about the smaller promotions is that you can be heard clearer when you cheer and taunt the wrestlers compared to larger promotions like World Wrestling Entertainment due to the smaller crowd of fans. Back when I was a teenager, I dreamed of wrestling for this promotion, but ended up going a different path after high school.

There was a different roster of wrestlers compared to when they visited my hometown over two decades ago. Back then, I had the pleasure of watching Chi-Town T, Willie “Da Bomb” Richardson, Jayson Reign, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, and Koko B Ware just to name a few.

A few that stood out to me at the most recent event in my neighborhood, which was titled ‘Windy City Pro Wrestling: The Legend Continues!’ were Amanda Rodriguez, Alex Taylor, Justin Smooth, Anthony Taylor, Crystal White, and Bigtime. Overall, I really enjoyed the event, and look forward to the next one that comes to town.

Results from Windy City Pro Wrestling: The legend Continues!

Ryan Howe vs Lennox Norris

Anthony Taylor and Mike Cobb

Amanda Rodriguez vs Crystal White

Roy “Flash” Gordon vs “Immacculate” Mike Micas

Anthony Taylor and Mike Cobb vs Alex Taylor and Brian Valor

Amanda Rodriguez vs Crystal White

Mike Cobb vs Brian Valor

“The Prodigy” Anthony Taylor vs “The Real Taylor” Alex Taylor

Fans taunting Crystal White

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