Where does The Revival go from here?

When The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) made their debut, April 3, 2017 on the World Wrestling Entertainment Raw roster I thought that they would have been a force to be reckon with after they defeated The New Day in their debut match. Moreover, up until 2018 they were used in a couple of weird segments which seemed as though the WWE did not know how to utilize them on a stacked roster, claiming they were out due to injury, but during January 22, 2018 episode things seem to go downhill for the tag team during WWE Raw’s 25th Anniversary show when they were used in a segment where the were assaulted by The Balor Club, Scott Hall and a reunited D-Generation X in front of the live audience at the Manhattan Center.

It seemed to me at that point that the WWE had lost sight on where they would have liked to go with the tag team. After that point in my eyes they were used as jobbers for other tag teams in the division, which seems to be the normal routine nowadays in the WWE. A routine where they bring NXT superstars up to the main roster for a push, but then they eventually lose sight of them then in which later they become jobbers to other current superstars on the roster.

Fast forward to June, 2018 The Revival now being used as a build up for the Roman Reigns Vs. Bobby Lashley feud that has been brewing lately with back-and-forth jabs leading up to their showdown at WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view. All seems promising, but where does The Revival go from here once Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley clash at Extreme Rules? Will they continue to be pushed in a tag team division on the main roster, or will the WWE lose sight of this promising tag team again.

What do you think?

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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