NHL Eastern Conference 2020 semifinals

The National Hockey League (NHL) Eastern Conference is now into the second round.  Here are the semifinal match-ups in the East.

#1 Philadelphia Flyers vs #6 New York Islanders

#2 Tampa Bay Lightning vs #4 Boston Bruins

The Philadelphia Flyers advanced after defeating the Montreal Canadiens in Game 6 yesterday evening.  The Flyers are proving that this season was not a fluke after not making the playoffs last season.  They are going up against the Islanders, who dismantled the Washington Capitals in five games.  Both teams have highly skilled players, so this series will be very exciting.

The Tampa Bay vs Boston series is a highly-anticipated match-up between two of the best teams in the NHL.  Boston is looking to get back to the Stanley Cup, but the Lightning are looking to jolt the Bruins with plenty of goals.  

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    Flyers or Islanders?

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    Tampa Bay or Boston?

    • Tampa Bay
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