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Nature Tuesday Challenge – Christmas Cactus Saved

My Christmas caucus has survived a few major attacks a couple from a field mice, a near rotting situation in the rain and has bloomed again. I never expected it to even survive the ordeal. The plant had to be  put under constant care and doses of anti fungal powders. There are just about 10-20 flowers until now. I am just happy to see that it has survived the odds to see this year.

It always makes me happy to save plants , birds and animals. It doesn’t cost too much to get another plant but it doesn’t bring you as much happiness as having saved a dying, battered plant. Last week I picked up a sad looking fox tail fern someone had thrown on the side of the road. I have decided to nurse it to health and give it to my friend who has been wanting one.

It is better to save than buy, what do you think?

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  1. It’s always great to maintain a plant alive. Now that I think about it, some of mine are 10 or more year old. Christmas cactuses are quite tough, even I could keep mine for a long time and they still bloom from time to time.

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