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Mylot Vs Tuetego

Heard from some that Mylot and Tuetego are similar and I have the privilege to be on both websites but i don’t think they are same and completely opposites. And also I feel that no two websites are similar.

What are your thoughts about it?

  • Mylot Vs Tuetego

    • Mylot
    • Tuetego
  • Monthly payments Vs Flexible payments

    • Monthly payments
    • Flexible payments
  • App Version Vs Web Version

    • App Version
    • Web Version
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What do you think?

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  1. I am active on mylot.But I am not in Tuetego.So I am unable to compare and say which is better.Mylot is a good discussion site .But the earnings are a bit slow. If you reach the minimum payout of $5 by the end of the month you will be paid the earnings before the 15 th of next month.

  2. I am on MyLot but not that active since I don’t like the atmosphere there much… People are kind of mean sometimes of often better say….. 🙁 I never heard of this second site you are using (Tuetego), what it’s like there…..? Thanks!!!!! 🙂

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