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My cars challenge

We have always opted for hired vehicles as it has never been a joy to drive on Indian roads.  We also felt one less car would mean that much less pollution and also that gave an opportunity for taxi and Rickshaw owners to earn their daily bread.  It is pathetic to see cars in garages never used to their optimum use – more of a prestige symbol here in India where public transport is easily available. 

Our choice was always Hindustan Ambassador but sadly they no longer ply.  This car earned a reputation as being the best taxi in the world  

Now it is a different story.  I have this guy who takes me round short distances in his Auto rickshaw and he has been there for years and for long distances again I have a guy who takes me in his taxi which he keeps changing and so I would not know much about the model. (lol) 


What do you think?


Written by grace

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      • No, there is nothing. This happens I guess if the title is too exact on posts, it’s happened before a few times, but it doesn’t always happen. This has been a glitch from the very beginning. Hopefully these will all get more views as more people post about it. I made a new post, with a different title. This one won’t get confused. lol It’s a long title. 😉

  1. What a cute little Mercedes. Good company, I can see how it could of been the most reliable. This is a great post Grace. Good for you, we need less air pollution. Speaking of which, I just saw the mountains there on the News. Clear skies ahead. Thank you for posting for this challenge.


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