Money begets money

As the saying goes that love begets love, there’s also the adage that money begets money. It’s a sort of lucky charm when you have lots of money in your wallet or in your bag. It is not good to put all your money in the bank and leave your purse empty. Why not put lots of money in your purse?

I believe in that saying so I always have several big money bills in my wallet. It is always nice to have a big amount of cash that I feel rich and confident. Try it.

  • Do you have a big sum of cash at home?

    • Yes


What do you think?

Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. My money is always fluctuating. Either there is a lot, not enough, or very little. Right now I am hoping to land some good writing jobs and then when I do and the money comes in I will take some out of the bank and try you method and put some in my wallet.

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