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Mineral water from the mountain spring

A bottle of mineral water costs more than the distilled water because it is natural, as the drinkers of mineral water would say. By the name, that kind of drinking water means it has minerals which can be construed as nutrients or beneficial to health. Distilled water is pure water with nothing but H2O or a mix of hydrogen and oxygen.

Mineral water purportedly comes from the mountain spring. It is a natural water coming from the ground that is purified by nature. Depending on the origin, the cost of the mineral water is affordable or exorbitant. But what’s amusing with mineral water is the fact that it is free from germs and dirt. The question is this – does mineral water undergo a purifying process or is it bottled just the way it is?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. There was a mineral water I liked from Italy but then I went on a Nestle boycott and the water was owned by the international water division of Nestle. I could no longer buy it. I miss it but I can’t give monies to Nestle. Oh well.

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