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Michael Buerk’s opinion about obesity

Today, I have read in Sky News that Michael Buerk, the host of BBC, advised people with extra weight just die. He believes that the British authorities should not help people who are overweight and claims that they should die to save money from the national health service.

Buerk is sure that obesity should not be considered a disease since being overweight is just a consequence of overeating.

For the last couple of years, our world has been turning to tolerance and body positivity, and I believe that it is right. Although in my family nobody is overweighted, I strongly disagree that obesity is always connected to overeating.

Apart from other reasons, problems with hormones and mental issues may cause obesity. Besides, I do not think that it is right when someone teaches other adults if they do not ask him to.

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Written by Abhishek Verma

Vicky Verma started his career as a mechanical engineer. Nevertheless, he always wondered to do something, which could bring some change in others' life but was blank. In 2016, he moved towards the Internet world, as it attracts him powerfully, so he decided to create something which could help him share factual and interesting things to others. Now, he often uses social media to interact with the readers of his blog and always replies to them in each of their queries. You can mail him personally from the contact page.


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