Meet Krissy, the parrot

Krissy is the parrot of my niece that she bought 10 years ago. It is chained to her perch so as to afford her for more movement. She is fed seeds and grains but she is also given fruits and vegetables. They say that teaching a parrot to speak is not easy and I believe that because for 10 years already, Krissy doesn’t talk although she can emit a loud sound when she is hungry.

A parrot has a longer life span than dogs that some parrots reach 25 or more years in captivity. I hope that Krissy would live that long.

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    • They say parrots can outlive me


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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. I walk down my street and someone has a parrot I think it is and I cannot remember if he or she speaks or makes a noise when someone passes by. I am used to it by now. I smile when I pass by when I hear the bird. I think it is a parrot. I have never seen it, just heard it.

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