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Manufacture of cars from wood components in Japan.

Although car manufacturers around the world have long been considering making the exterior of the car with wood or its components, it has not been successful. Now a Japanese company has announced the manufacture of solid and lasting structures of nano fiber (fibers) of wood pulp cellulose.

The Japanese company believes that the components found in the wooden mattress are made of cellulose with nano-wire so that the cars made from them can be five times lighter and five times stronger than steel-made cars. Cellulose nano-fiber (CNF) also reduces carbon dioxide emissions because, in the first place, carbon dioxide is less emitted and less fuel is consumed by vehicle weight loss.

In the preparation of CNF, the special tree wood is cut and its pulp extracted and submerged in certain chemicals to prevent lignin and hemi cellulose, providing a solid, strong but lightweight material.

Now Kyoto University has designed a supercar in collaboration with a car company. It has been successfully tested for turning CNF strips at particular angles to make doors and ceilings. In the process, the weight of the vehicle was reduced by 10% compared to the conventional method and the carbon dioxide emissions could also be reduced.

But the next step is more difficult in which these particular parts of the car are being tested at several stages to determine their usefulness on the road,The results so far have been very encouraging. Subsequently, several companies, including Toyota, contacted scientists from Kyoto University.

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