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I made an error, I am asking for your help, which of these two covers do you prefer?

Hello, I made a poll last week, asking for your preference between two Laret covers. It turns out the images didn’t transfer and show so well. This was my error. Here are the images in a better format. Vote on which one you prefer. Also if you have a moment tell us why you like or don’t like a cover, you can tell us in the comments or direct message me. I’m open to your feedback. The person who offers me the most useful feedback, I will contact and discuss the feedback further. Also if you like you can offer me ideas for future episodes of either, Eren’s Challenge or Morgus. I’m grateful for your thoughts on the covers as they are valuable to me. As well the top two supporters with useful feedback will receive a free edition of Larret Army in your choice of paperback or e-book.

  • Which one of these two covers tickles your curiosity?

    • Laret: Darkness of Souls
    • Larret Army: Rising Souls


What do you think?


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