Morgus E012 part 2, Red Horse Sword


Written and produced by, Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 012, ‘Red Horse Sword’

Written, August 26, 2017

Part one published on Virily on February 22, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on March 1, 2018.

We continue now with Morgus episode E012 part two, ‘Red Horse Sword’ on …

Winter 12 Bear

The Panther flips the watch glass over, and the timer starts the five-minute countdown.

Grabbing for the hilts of the sword several times, Morgus is frustrated as the Red Horse effortlessly jerks and flows with her hand, moving the sword out of his reach.

Then in sudden jerking motions, Morgus lunges for the cutlass a few times.

Red Horse, who is sneering snidely at Morgus, athletically leaps a few feet out of Morgus’ reach.

Seeing that more than half the sand has fallen through the neck of the watch glass an idea strikes Morgus.

Standing tall, a few feet from Red Horse, he touches his thumbs together splaying his fingers in a fan and utters that magical phrase, “Fire” causing a bright orange burst fan of flames to spring out, reaching seven-feet from the tips of his fingers, catching her chest and shoulders. Her cloak and tunic blaze into flames.

In a sudden motion, Red Horse drops her cutlass onto the ground as she rushes to put out the flames.

With Red Horse jostling around, trying to put out the fires on her tunic and cloak, Morgus attempts to retrieve the cutlass. Reaching around the flailing enforcer, Morgus struggles as Red Horse succeeds in putting out the fires.

The enforcer blocks Morgus from the cutlass, and the two dance around each other as both try to retrieve the sword.

Suddenly, Panther stops them. “Times up for the two of you.”

Backing up, Morgus bows to Red Horse, saying, “Well done, Red Horse!”

The enforcer bows and her lips curl up into a huge blistered grin, but she remains silent.

Confused by her silence, Morgus shrugs then turns to Panther. “I’d say I won. Red Horse isn’t holding the cutlass.”

Shaking her head, Panther replies, “No, you didn’t win. You were supposed to be holding the sword. This makes it a draw … no one won … neither of you holds the cutlass … come with me for a walk.”

The two of them walk away as Red Horse picks up her cutlass.

Speaking to Morgus, Panther says, “Tell me how soon you can have the prisoner to our goals?”

Morgus is curious. “He’s next door at the Dorlets Inn with my warrior and drover. So, I’d say in about twenty minutes.”

Panther motions toward the court building’s back door, they walk in and up to her office. “Ten Flairs for my administration of affairs. Plus, you write a statement of your events and pay for the healing of Red Horse.”

Emptying his coin pouch onto the desk, Morgus sorts his coins, leaving fifteen Flairs on the desk. “Will that do?”

Nodding, Panther collects the coins. “Bring the prisoner in the morning and scribe your statement giving it to my receptionist. It’s been nice meeting you … who are you?”

Laughing in good humour, Morgus bows again. “Mage Morgus of Baron Hessan’s estate.”

Hesitating, Panther then asks, “How well do you know Larap?”

Morgus glances at her. “Well enough … I robbed him and harassed him in my youth. He gave me a position because I solved a problem of his vassal’s in an unorthodox manner … I’m studying to be his chamberlain before he dies of old age … why?”

Sitting and pouring a tumbler of water, she hums a bit. “He owes me … twice now. You do too, Morgus. I solved a case in his favour that was questionable. Am I doing so again?”

Shaking his head, Morgus replies, “If so, you can have Red Horse come talk with me to collect.”

Laughing, Panther then takes a drink before setting the tumbler on the desk. “The only way Red Horse talks with anyone is with her weapons; she’s a mute. She knows your tricks now … my enforcer mute is on special hire to me. I don’t want to send her your direction, Morgus. So, write a good statement tomorrow.”

Winter 13 Unicorn

The high breaths of the gods are blowing northwest, drying up the last of the puddles from yesterday’s melt. The sphere is clear as Morgus walks back to Dorlets Inn. It took him two hours to complete his scribed statement for Panther. And, he successfully delivered the prisoner.

Entering the inn, he says to Gendal, “We’re stopping at Beraran smithy on our drive back to the estate … so we’ll be late getting home. Make sure that the carriage lantern reservoirs are full.”


Arriving at Beraran’s smithy, Morgus has low hopes of acquiring a set of quality knives.

This morning, after paying Panther another five Flairs, Morgus restocked his coin pouch with thirty Flairs from his carriage’s chest.

Addressing the smith, Beraran, Morgus says, “Show me the knives.”

Viewing the eight crafted knives, Morgus is more disappointed than he thought he was going to be. The quality of this set is even worse than previous ones.

Setting down the last one, Morgus says, “You rushed these. Take thirty days to craft a high-quality flawless set, and I might purchase them. These are worthless to me.”

Great disappointed is evident on Beraran’s face as he folds in on himself and whispers, “I put so much time into these. What am I going to do with them?”

Patting his shoulder, Morgus tells Beraran. “Melt them down and re-forge them.”

Leaving the smithy, Morgus mounts the driver’s seat between Gendal and Elmar to finish their drive home in the dark.


Arriving at Hessan’s manor a few minutes before midnight, Gendal stows the carriage and horses after the others unload the cargo and baggage.

Written and produced by, Kenneth Shumaker.


©2017 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press

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