Macro Monday ~ Amaryllis in various colors

In the arboretum I saw amaryllis in various colors. I was pleasantly surprised because I only saw the amaryllis in red. I made a collage with some of the most interesting colors.

No other houseplant flower can liven up winter days with as much color as amaryllis. There is a whole range of varieties available from large-flowered amaryllis and varieties with full flowers, to dwarf amaryllis, which also beautify smaller window sills.

However, amaryllis are not only beautiful as ornamental pots. They are also beautiful as cut flowers, regardless of whether the vase is decorated with only one flower or a basket bouquet is placed in it.

If we want Amaryllis to bloom, it needs (similar to cacti) a dormant period in winter. There is no need to take the bulb out of the ground (they say it is even better if we leave it in the ground), it just needs to be in dry soil and in a cool place. In the spring, when it begins to repel the leaves (not earlier), we begin to water it gradually.

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