Light And Darkness – Fear

Light is never shy or afraid of darkness. No matter how dark it is around us a little flashlight or a tiny candle can light up our path and lead us safely to our destination. When there is so much pain and struggle hope is the beacon of light in a person’s heart. Hope leads them out of the troubled times into a bright new future.

Often when we are walking through days of misery we feel overwhelmed and weak. Darkness always works through fear. It acts on the fears in our heart to make what may be a safe passage seem like a dangerous and torturous route. Even the otherwise enjoyable sounds like the crumbling of dried leaves underfoot sound like it could bring on a heart attack. The falling of s dead twig could feel like explosion . Fear is what gives darkness its power.

Have you heard people saying its all in the head, true it is all in the head most of the time. Light up your candle of rational thought, switch on the flash light of hop, wear the armor of courage in your heart and walk without fear. It takes a little practice and fear could be exorcised from your heart forever.

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Written by Dawn

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