With all the mayhem and wastage of resources going on throughout the world, mankind tends to look out on the world from the perspective of our own people or nation and that means many of us are biased! Even while we vehemently divest ourselves of our limiting prejudices, we are at best, only partially successful. This video, although it is narrated by a Kenyan gentleman, addressing the societal evils of Africa, it is actually an indictment to all so-called democracies of the world.


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  1. my argument remains the same. If, you can speak out loud of evils, then at least one thing is correct in the society, you have freedom of speech.

    beyond that, i think there is much wrong. But we have to remember without striving no freedoms are ever given.

  2. I know that gentleman, Patrick Lumumba. I agree with his sentiments and yours too. I mean, African leaders are very greedy than other leaders. Look at Mugabe and currently, Museveni. They hold on to their seats, adjusting constitution at will to add length to their ruleship.

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